10 Easy Ways to Get Free Starbucks Gift Cards

10 Easy Ways to Get Free Starbucks Gift Cards

My love for Starbucks started back in university. I remember going to Starbucks to study for hell week, aka examinations week. Whenever I sipped on Starbucks coffee and reflected on the money I had spent for a cup, my brain would invariably experience an “Aha” moment, prompting me to think, “I need to be more productive” or “I should focus on completing my tasks.”

Nowadays, Starbucks has become my safe haven where I can comfortably set up my laptop to blog while drinking my beloved matcha latte paired with a warm Everything Bagel with herb & garlic spread. I admit that I have a slight Starbucks addiction; however, I also realized that my habit can put a dent in my bank account over time. Sure, there are many ways to get discounts at Starbucks, but who wouldn't want to have their mermaid coffee for free?


That’s when I started figuring out a lot of ways to get free Starbucks, which led me to get other stuff, like money and makeup samples, for free! To those living by the mantra: “the best things in life are free,” listen up! With minimal effort, you can easily enjoy Starbucks happy hour and get your favorite beverage without overthinking about the cost.

Here are 10 ways to get free Starbucks gift cards:


#### 1. **Swagbucks**

Swagbucks is a cool money-earning app because you can easily earn cash and, drum roll, Starbucks gift cards. To do so, you must participate in various activities: watching TV, searching the web, shopping online, playing games, and simply sharing your opinion.


To earn free gift cards online, you need to accumulate points called SB on the platform. These points can be redeemed for coupons, sweepstakes entries, and gift cards from Starbucks, Amazon, Target, Apple, and more. Shopping through the Swagbucks portal and doing surveys are popular and easy tasks to earn points. It takes 500 SB to get a $5 Starbucks gift card.


The coolest part? You can earn a $10 (1,000 SB) bonus by signing up on the platform. Thus, if you do not redeem your 1,000 SB sign-up bonus for cash, you can use it to get two $5 Starbucks gift cards instead.


**Pros**: Doing microtasks on Swagbucks is a good little earner to help you collect more SB for a gift card. For instance, completing five short surveys will give you 1,300 SB, equivalent to two Starbucks gift cards.


**Cons**: The points may accumulate more slowly than you would like, so turning your points into cash or gift cards may take time. Some tasks, like answering surveys, may be less interesting but offer more SB.


#### 2. **Branded Surveys**

Branded Surveys is similar to Swagbucks as it also gives you free Starbucks gift cards for answering surveys. However, unlike Swagbucks, the tasks here are limited to completing surveys. If answering surveys for Starbucks gift cards is not your cup of tea, feel free to skip this option. But if you’re looking for one of the best and most legit survey sites for earning money and gift cards, Branded Surveys is a solid choice.


Your income potential may not be much, but getting gift cards is straightforward. You only need 500 points to cash out or get a free Starbucks drink.


**How does it work?** Follow these steps to get your favorite Starbucks beverage in a heartbeat!


#### 3. **Survey Junkie**

Back in my student years, I relied on the bus for my school commute. And we all know how slow buses can be…. Rather than checking Facebook during my bus rides, I answered surveys for free Starbucks gift cards every now and then. Survey Junkie is another legit survey site where you can win Starbucks gift cards and make money via PayPal.


**Pros**: Easy to use, multiple survey options, and cash-out via PayPal or gift cards.


**Cons**: Some surveys can be time-consuming, and not everyone qualifies for every survey.


#### 4. **Rakuten**

As much as I love shopping, I don’t enjoy going to a physical store to shop. There are so many things you have to do that take up so much time before you get to the fun stuff: driving to the store, finding a parking space, waiting for assistance, standing in line… all those!


Do you feel the same way? Many people do, as more are planning to buy online in 2024 for convenience. If you ask me, online shopping is a game-changer! Rakuten gives you cashback for your online purchases, which you can use to get Starbucks gift cards.


**Pros**: Easy to use, significant cashback opportunities, and a wide range of partner stores.


**Cons**: Cashback accumulation can be slow, and payout thresholds must be met.


#### 5. **Raise**

Looking for free Starbucks gift card deals the easy way? Shopping discount cards at Raise or trading your unused gift card is a savvy tactic to get Starbucks gift cards. Raise is a money-saving platform that acts as a middleman for buyers and sellers who wish to buy and sell gift cards (from stores, restaurants, hotels, etc.) at a discounted price. Raise has reached over 3 million users and helped people save more than $170 million by purchasing discounted gift cards.


**Pros**: Buy discounted gift cards, sell unused cards, and save on your purchases.


**Cons**: Discounts vary, and not all gift cards are available all the time.


#### 6. **MyPoints**

How about a website that has more ways to collect points than a kid collecting Halloween candy? If you don’t enjoy monotony and love doing a variety of things, MyPoints is the best way to snag those free Starbucks gift cards! The best part is that they’re one of the oldest survey sites and are owned by Swagbucks, so you know they’re a trusted platform.


Aside from answering surveys for Starbucks gift cards, you can also watch videos, shop online, play games, read emails, and print coupons. That’s not even all of it because there really is so much to do!


**Pros**: Multiple ways to earn points, trusted platform, and easy redemption for gift cards.


**Cons**: Some tasks can be repetitive, and points accumulation can be slow.


#### 7. **InboxDollars**

One of my absolute favorite survey sites is InboxDollars. The reason why this is at the top for me is that they have a different approach to surveys compared to other websites. Their questions are more fun and visually appealing! So if I were to answer a survey for a free Starbucks gift card, I would want the one that actually holds my attention.


**Pros**: Engaging surveys, multiple ways to earn, and cash-out options include PayPal and gift cards.


**Cons**: Some tasks can be time-consuming, and there’s a payout threshold to meet.


#### 8. **Online Contests and Giveaways**

Does joining online contests and giveaways for a free Starbucks gift card ever cross your mind? If not, this is your sign. Submitting your entry in online giveaways is a fun and easy strategy to win your much-awaited gift card from Starbucks.


I don’t want to be a gatekeeper, so I’ll tell you which platform is helpful for getting free stuff online. Instagram is the best place to find giveaways. Big corporations and small businesses often use giveaways to promote their social media accounts as part of their marketing strategies.


**Pros**: Easy to enter, many opportunities, and fun to participate in.


**Cons**: Winning isn’t guaranteed, and some giveaways have specific entry requirements.


#### 9. **Fetch Rewards**

Did you know that everyday purchases could be a group win? With Fetch, you can earn points by shopping and doing tasks. But that’s not all! There’s also the option to team up with your family and friends to pool points for greater rewards. Like they say, “Together, we can do so much.” The game-like approach makes you feel like you’re getting paid to play games.


**Pros**: Easy to use, team-up feature, and a wide range of redeemable rewards.


**Cons**: Points accumulation can be slow, and some offers may not be available in all areas.


#### 10. **Starbucks Rewards Program**

What better way to get free Starbucks gift cards than by making the most of what Starbucks offers? If you’re anything like me and always need a coffee fix from Starbucks, then you should sign up to be a Starbucks Rewards Member. When you’re a member, Starbucks rewards you for buying and drinking their coffee!


**Pros**: Earn rewards on every purchase, special member offers, and easy redemption.


**Cons**: Requires frequent purchases to accumulate points quickly.


### Final Thoughts

Getting free Starbucks gift cards is easier than you might think. By leveraging these platforms and strategies, you can enjoy your favorite Starbucks drinks without breaking the bank. Whether you prefer taking surveys, shopping online, or joining giveaways, there's a method here that can fit into your routine. So why not start today and treat yourself to a free coffee? Cheers to free Starbucks!


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